Morning Prayer For Children


                        Loving Lord Jesus, I surrender my entire life to You. Take all that I am and all that I have that I may belong to You fully. You be the Lord and Master of my life today and forever. Take care of me Your little child today. Keep me always holy and innocent. Help me to be always obedient to my parents. Give me wisdom, knowledge and understanding through Your Holy Spirit. Keep me safe from dangers of mind and body. Send Your light and Your guidance that I may walk along Your path according to Your Holy will. I ask You Jesus the grace to accept Your will in all that I intend to do today. Bless my parents, my brothers, my sisters, my teachers and my friends. Help me always to avoid sin and lead a life pleasing to You in every way. Teach me, Jesus to pray, to study and to love everyone according to Your commandment. My dearest Jesus, lay both Your hands on my head today and pour Your love upon me that I may be filled with love, peace, and joy. Thank You Jesus!



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