Prayer to the Holy Spirit


O Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, of Love and of Holiness promised to us, coming from the Father and the Son and equal to them in all things, I adore you and love you with all my heart. put in me the holy fear of God; give me the scruples and patience and do not permit me to fall into sin. increase in me Faith, Hope and Charity, and bring forth in my soul all the virtues proper to my state of life. Transform me to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, and an obedient child of Holy Church. Give me the active grace to keep the Commandments and to receive the Sacraments worthily. May I possess the Four Cardinal Virtues, Thy Seven Gifts, Thy Twelve Fruits. Bring me up to perfection in the state of life to which you have called me; and lead me, through a happy death, to life everlasting through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.



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