The Mystical Prayers Of Our Lord Jesus Christ


Prayer to Vanquish Satan and his Agents

“My children, I drink this cup for your sake . . . rejoice that you are called to this great devotion . . . There is no need for you to fear those numerous populations of the enemy. Children, simply offer the wounds, pains and blood of My left hand for their downfall; you will see them disappear like ashes…I assure you, many kingdoms of the enemy will disappear in the twinkle of an eye. Pray it and teach it to all men. My Precious Blood will save.”

All you great numerous enemies; the enemy of the holy death of my Master Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary; the prince of darkness and iniquity, the father of all liars; I stand on the death of my Master Jesus Christ and offer His pains, wounds, and the Precious Blood of His left hand to the Eternal Father for your downfall, your destruction and your scourging. Amen. Precious Blood of my Master Jesus Christ – reign in me and in the lives of all men. Amen.

Prayer for the Protection and Unity of the Flock 

“With love I offered…the Precious Blood from my sacred feet…for the unity of My Church.I mean all who call on my name. As the nail held my feet together, so it held all my people to become one. My children, whenever you say this prayer you are making the hour of My Kingdom on earth come sooner. Through this prayer, My Father will let it come down soon; the hour of the Second Pentecost when My prayer will be fulfilled that all shall be one… All who carry out this devotion will rejoice greatly when My Kingdom comes. I will protect them always.”

Eternal Father, I offer You all the wounds, pains, and the Precious Blood from the sacred feet of Your Son, Our Lord and Master, for all Your children who are wandering like sheep without a shepherd in this terrifying forest. Protect them against wild predators and give them peace that they might be one and united in the same way as the nail held fast the feet of my Master and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ – reign forever. Amen.

Prayer for Refuge in the Sacred Side of Jesus Christ 

“My children, this era is that of darkness. The prince of darkness is ruling the earth. All who belong to the light will suffer great attacks from the enemy . . . this hour is exactly the mirror of the hour of the day I was crucified . . . My children, these evil days will swallow many souls. That is why I teach this mysterious prayer to you in order that you all might be saved. My Sacred Side is open for all men. Pray it and make it known to all men. All who teach this prayer to others will be protected. I love you all. Run for your lives.”

O loving Father, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Who protected the Israelites of old in His holy wings in the dryness of the cold and hot desert; I offer You the holy death of my Master and Savior, Jesus Christ, for the protection of Your people who are scattered all over the world. May the Blood and water wash and strengthen, save and cleanse us that we might find home in the Sacred Side of Your Son which opens for all men. Amen. Sacred Side of Jesus Christ – be our home for safety. Amen.

Prayer for Release from Ancestral Curses 

“All who are under curses and constantly say this prayer shall be free from their curses. Any family that is suffering from the curse of sins made by their forefathers and makes a 144 day novena through this prayer, will be freed. All who break a covenant and are supposed to die shall be saved and also be released from their curse if they constantly say this prayer and repent. My children, how terrible will it be to fall into God’s anger! Turn from your sins and live. I love you all. Be healed.”

Eternal Father, You are the only Immortal God, God Who is love, merciful and kind. Look at Your only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, and have mercy. I offer You the pains of His scourging at the pillar, His wounds and blood, for all Your people who are under the weight of the curse due to the sins of their ancestors and their disobedience for breaking the covenant they made with You. May You set us free through the scourging of Your Son, heal us through His wounds and save us through His Precious Blood. Amen. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ – release us from curses. Holy wounds of Jesus Christ – heal our wounds. By Your scourging – seal us. Amen.

Prayer for the Sustenance of the Faith

“Many will betray me. I mean those who eat with Me from the same plate and drink with Me from one cup will hand Me over to those that will crucify Me. Listen well, My children, and meditate on these words. For how terrible it will be for those who will deny Me, who loves them . . . When I was about to leave My people on earth, My agony grew greater when I remembered their unfaithfulness. I also remembered the period that is coming is terrible and fearful; that many will betray me like Judas while others will deny that they know me…Children, pray this prayer always for faith and make it known to the whole world before the perilous era comes in full force. If you have little faith, even as small as a mustard seed, you will overcome this period. This mysterious prayer is powerful. Teach it to the whole world. I love you all.”

Omnipotent and Omniscient God, God of Elijah and the prophets, look at the Sacred Head of Your only-begotten Son and have mercy. Arise and save Your people. I offer You all the shame, the pains, the wounds and the Precious Blood from the Sacred Head of Your Son for all Your children who are living in these perilous times. Strengthen our faith through the mockery of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and save us through the Precious Blood from His Sacred Head. May we, through the sufferings of Your Son, Jesus Christ, learn to suffer in You and die in You. Amen. Holy tortures of Jesus Christ – increase our faith. Amen.

Prayer for the Manifestation of the Divine Will 

“My children, the fight between you and the adversary is coming to its climax now . . . With great determination they have shut a large number of My children down . . . My agony…grew worse and worse when I entered Gethsemane. I looked at my people and saw that they were asleep while their enemy was fast approaching and gaining ground . . . My Agonizing Heart broke (out) with these words . . . “Why are you sleeping? Can’t you watch with Me even one hour? Pray that you will not fall into temptation.” When I knelt down again in prayer the burden of My death weighed Me down. Before I thought about it, I said, “Father, take this cup away from Me, but not My Will, rather, Yours be done.” That hour was the hour of My greatest temptation which might have hindered me from fulfilling the Will of My Father. Finally, I looked up and prayed to My Father thus…make it known to the whole world for the reign of My Father on earth . . . I say, these are my mysterious prayers. They are very powerful.”

Eternal Father, You are the creator and author of life. You love the world You made. That is why You sent Your only-begotten Son to come for its redemption, so that Your Kingdom will come. Look upon Your Son and rise up on Your throne. Raise Your right hand and save Your people. I offer all the suffering, pains, and death of Your only-begotten Son Whom You love, for Your triumph and Your reign on earth. May You, through the Precious Blood of Your Son, make a new covenant and bring all Your children back to Your Holy Will. Amen. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ – reign forever. Agonizing Jesus Christ – Thy Kingdom come. Amen.

Prayer for Endurance through the Coming Chastisement

“My children, pray that this period you are living in now will be shortened. Pray also that your faith will not fail. Be on your guard. Be alert and watch always…Many will give up their faith at the last minute when everything is about to pass . . . This period will suddenly catch up with many people because they are not prepared . . . How many of you will fight and drive back My adversary, conquer, and bring the captives home?…My children, learn this prayer and pray it always especially during the hour of trials…When My people rejected Me and condemned Me and said, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” I looked up to heaven and prayed to My Father and said…”

Merciful and loving Father, Your wish is that all men shall be saved. Kindly look on Your rejected and condemned Son Who suffered many tortures and will suffer many through the sins of Your people. Look and see what sin has done to your only-begotten Son. I offer for all Your people who are living in these ungodly and wicked days, all the tortures, pains, rejection and shame of your Son, Jesus Christ, to You, for the faith to withstand trials and patience to withstand long torture. May they through the suffering of Your only Son, fight to the end. Amen. Our Lord’s torture – increase our faith. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ – save us. Amen.

Prayer for Fallen Sheep and Against a Fall in Faith 

“I envisaged constant abandonment of faith in my people and how they will constantly reject their God and crucify Me daily. The pains grew in intensity when I saw how hard it will be for them to return…Many there were who would stop on the way because they thought the way was too hard and long …How large the number of My people who will lose hope and fall…I say to you, My children, wake up and stand firm! During My fall, I remembered all these things and offered them to My Father through this prayer… Through it, My Father will pour on you all the needed graces to endure until the end. All who pray it devotedly will possess the fullness of the Holy Spirit and learn to be obedient and humble.”

Eternal and loving Father, look kindly on Your only-begotten Son. See the heavy Cross prepared for Your only Son and have mercy on Your people. I offer to You all the pains, suffering, and Precious Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, for all Your people who have abandoned their faith and will abandon their faith in the mountainous hills and deep valleys of this world. May they, through the falling of Your Son under the Cross, have strength to rise again and stand firm in the true faith. Through the ocean of His Precious Blood dumped under the Cross on the streets of Jerusalem strengthen all who are eager to do Your Will. Amen. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ – strengthen our weakened souls. Amen.

Prayer for the Reign of Glory on Earth 

“Children, live the life of your consecration now. You will learn much from Me . . . you will go safely in the hour that is coming . . . you will know when, who, and what to do . . . The manifestation of the Red Dragon and the antichrist in this last hour of this age pierced My Heart greatly during My ministry on earth and even more when I was about to breathe My last on the Cross.

As I hung on the Cross, I envisaged the proud Dragon. It boasted to reign on earth forever . . . I silently offered My Father this prayer for the downfall of the enemy of the Cross…My children, through this prayer the antichrist and the Red Dragon and his agents will have a short hour of reign on earth. The more you pray, the shorter the hour of their reign on earth.”

O loving and merciful Father. You are all knowledgeable and all-powerful. Oh Alpha! Oh Omega! Creator of all things. You are eternal, Father. Father, why are you forsaking me? Look kindly on Your only-begotten Son Jesus Christ, Who came to save your people and bring Your Kingdom down on earth. I offer You all the agonies, tortures, pains, and Precious Blood of Your only Son, Jesus Christ, for the defeat of all the enemies of the Holy Cross of salvation; the antichrist and the Red Dragon who are fighting or will fight against the truth now and in the end of the age. May they, through the Precious Blood of Our Redeemer and His last breath on earth, disappear like foam exposed under the sun, so that Your Kingdom will quickly come on earth. Amen. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ – Thy Kingdom come. Amen.

Prayer Against the Sins of the Flesh 

“Pray much for My youth . . . many will be lost due to (this) sin . . . I was naked in the sight of all men so that you shall defeat and kill the desires of the flesh which lead to this sin of fornication and adultery. Children, My adversary used this sin to claim all men to himself…Any sinner who constantly prays this prayer will gain true repentance…The more you pray it, the more (souls) will return to me and leave fornication and adultery. Many people will be lost due to the sins of the flesh. Work hard to save souls…”

Holy and merciful Father, Your only- begotten Son is standing naked in the sight of all men, so that Your people will know and fear Your holy law. Accept my humble prayer for all Your people who are living under iniquity, fornication and adultery, that through all the shame and disgrace of Your only-begotten Son, You will touch their lives for repentance and save them. May they, through the Precious Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ, which I plead to fall on their hearts, gain repentance and be saved. Through His shame make them bold for repentance. Amen.

Prayer for the Baptism of Aborted Babies 

“Today the blood of innocent children has filled heaven. Their number is too great, too great . . . the wrath of the Eternal Father is about to fall on mankind…Their blood disturbs My Agonizing Heart and increases My agony…Through this prayer, large numbers of innocent unborn babies will be saved. Pray it daily and make it known to the world. Anyone who teaches it will not be lost. Innocent souls in heaven will not let them become lost. I, with My Love and Mercy, will protect them from falling into mortal sin.”
Heavenly Father, Your love is eternal. In Your ocean of love, You saved the world through Your only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Now look at Your only Son on the Cross Who is constantly bleeding for love of His people, and forgive Your world. Purify and baptize aborted children with the Precious Blood and water from the Sacred Side of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Who hung dead on the Cross for their salvation; in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. May they, through the holy death of Jesus Christ, gain everlasting life, through His wounds be healed and through His Precious Blood be freed. There to rejoice with the saints in heaven. Amen.