Prayer for Endurance through the Coming Chastisement


“My children, pray that this period you are living in now will be shortened. Pray also that your faith will not fail. Be on your guard. Be alert and watch always…Many will give up their faith at the last minute when everything is about to pass . . . This period will suddenly catch up with many people because they are not prepared . . . How many of you will fight and drive back My adversary, conquer, and bring the captives home?…My children, learn this prayer and pray it always especially during the hour of trials…When My people rejected Me and condemned Me and said, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” I looked up to heaven and prayed to My Father and said…”

Merciful and loving Father, Your wish is that all men shall be saved. Kindly look on Your rejected and condemned Son Who suffered many tortures and will suffer many through the sins of Your people. Look and see what sin has done to your only-begotten Son. I offer for all Your people who are living in these ungodly and wicked days, all the tortures, pains, rejection and shame of your Son, Jesus Christ, to You, for the faith to withstand trials and patience to withstand long torture. May they through the suffering of Your only Son, fight to the end. Amen. Our Lord’s torture – increase our faith. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ – save us. Amen.