Aspirations to the Holy Spirit


LIGHT of the intellect, enlighten me;

Divine Fire of hearts, inflame me;

Fullness of souls, fill me;

Lord of grace and life, vivify me;

In this vale of suffering, guide me;

In my weakness, strengthen me;

From stumbles and falls, deliver me;

With Thy Divine Gifts, overwhelm me;

With Thy Presence, console me;

By Thy Divine operations, sanctify me;

Into my Jesus, transform me;

And unto Thy glory, bear me,

That, having been faithful upon earth,

I may enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven, wrapped within your perfect love.


O eternal Love, I love you; please perfect and increase my love for you!

Dear HOLY SPIRIT, sweet Guest of my soul, dwell in me and grant that I may ever abide in your presence,



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