Immaculate Mary, most Holy Mother of God
and of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
we the people of the United States of America
at this historic moment stand before you
in a humbled condition of love,
loyalty, affection, and thankfulness.
To your Immaculate Heart we recommit and dedicate ourselves
throughout the entire American nation.
To your Son Jesus Christ we pledge to serve His teaching,
His church, and to work for His kingdom on earth.
O Mary, to you do we flee for protection.

Surround the American family with your maternal care;
enfold us in your arms.
Give to this American land,
built on the blood and tears of so many faithful forebears,
a peaceful and praiseworthy existence in truth,
love, justice, and freedom.

O Mary, we submit to you as the Patroness of our beloved country.
O Mary, Help of Christians,
enfold the Holy Father and the Catholic Church
within your protective cloak;
be our shield in the days ahead.
Give to the Church true holiness and freedom.
Obtain for our leaders holy zeal,
the ability to face the truth,
and the courage to correct all abuses.
Stop the flood of atheism, greed, heresy,
impurity, lukewarmness, materialism,
and selfishness that threaten our nation.
Show to those who have strayed from the Church
the way to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mother of God,
accept our personal consecration to you and, through you,
bind us forever to the Holy Trinity.
Gather us all into your Immaculate Heart
and unite us forever with Jesus.
O Mary, we love you.