Maria Rosa Mystica Apparitions


Blessed Mother appeared under the title of “Rosa Mystica” (Mystical Rose) at Montichiari in Northern Italy to Pierina Gilli. The purpose of this devotion was to reform of the religious and religious institutions. During the sixth apparition, Our Blessed Mother appeared with the two children of Fatima (Francisco and Jacinta) which shows Her appearance under the title of “Rosa Mystica” was a continuation of Fatima.


First apparition in Spring, 1947

Pierina Gilli was born on August 3, 1911 at Montichiari and worked as a nurse in the hospital there. The first time Our Blessed Mother appeared to Pierina was in a hospital room in the spring of 1947. Our Lady, a beautiful woman, wore a violet dress with a white veil around her head. She was very sad; her eyes were filled with tears which fell to the floor. Her breast was pierced by three big swords. Our Lady said, “Prayer – Penitence – Expiation” and was silent.

Second apparition on June 13, 1947

Our Lady appeared again in the hospital. This time Our Lady was dressed in white and instead of the three swords she had three beautiful roses; a white one, a red one and a golden one. Pierina asked her “Please tell me who you are.” Our Lady answered smiling: “I am the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of all of you. Our Lord sends me to bring you a new Marian devotion for all male and female institutes, religious orders and secular priests. I promise those religious institutes, orders and secular priests who venerate me in this special way my special protection, an increase of spiritual vocations, fewer betrayed vocations and great sanctity among the servants of God. I wish the 13th of each month to be celebrated as the day of Mary. On the twelve preceding days special prayers of preparation should be said. On this day I shall send to these religious institutes, members of orders, and secular priests who have honored me in this way, a superabundance of graces and great sanctity. I wish the 13th of July of each year to be celebrated in honor of the “Rosa Mystica”, the mystical rose.” Pierina asked now whether she would perform a miracle. Our Lady answered “The most evident miracle will be: The godly souls who for some time, especially during the war-time, became lukewarm, so that they were unfaithful or even betrayed their vocation, will cease to offend Our Lord gravely. By their great offenses they brought punishment and persecution upon the church – as we experience it in our days.

But then the original spirit of their holy founders will blossom again.” Our Lady explained to Pierina the meaning of the three swords and three roses.

The first sword means: Loss of vocation as a priest or monk.

The second sword means: Priests, monks and nuns who live in deadly sin.

The third sword means: Priests and monks who commit the treason of Judas. While giving up their vocation, they often lose also their faith, their eternal beatitude and become enemies of the church.

 The Spirit of Prayer     

The Spirit of Expiation  

The Spirit of Penitence

  • Third apparition on October 22, 1947

Our Lady appeared in the chapel of the hospital during the service, in the presence of many staff members, doctors and people from the town. Our Lady asked for the realization of the devotion she had recommended and said among other things: “My Divine Son, tired of the continuing offenses, wanted to act according to His justice.  So I placed myself as a Mediatrix between Him and the human race, especially the consecrated souls.”

Fourth apparition on November 16, 1947

Our Lady appeared in the Basilica of Montichiari in the presence of some people and several priests. Among other things Our Lady said: “Our Lord, my Divine Son, is tired of the many offenses, the severe offenses, the sins against holy purity. He wants to send another flood of punishment. I have interceded that He may be merciful once more. Therefore, I ask for your prayer and penitence to expiate those sins.” Pierina replied to Our Lady’s request with a willing “Yes”. The Blessed Virgin added “I ardently ask the priest to admonish the people in love that they do not commit these sins any more.” Pierina asked: “Will He then pardon us?” Our Lady answered “Yes, as long as one does not commit them anymore.” With these words she went away.

Fifth apparition on November 22, 1947

Our Lady appeared to Pierina in the Basilica of Montichiari in the presence of several people and requested Pierina to make four crosses with her tongue on the floor just in the middle of the church, exactly under the dome. Then Our Lady descended on the crosses and said “I descend on this place because it is here that great conversions will occur. Today there are just the Christians of your Italian nation who most offend Our Lord, my Divine Son Jesus, by their sins against holy purity. Therefore the Lord demands: Prayer, great Sacrifices and Penitence.” Pierina asked “What do we have to do to fulfill your wish for prayer and penance?” Our Lady replied “Prayer” after a short, silent pause, She explained “Penitence means acceptance of the little daily crosses and also doing one’s work in the spirit of penitence.” Our Lady then said “On December 8th at noon I shall appear again here in the Basilica and it will be the hour of grace.” Pierina asked “Please explain to me the meaning of Hour of Grace.” Our Lady replied “The Hour of Grace – great and numerous conversions will occur! Souls, totally hardened, cold as this marble, will be touched by divine grace and become faithful and God-loving again.” This was the only time that Our Lady predicted her next appearance. All other apparitions came unannounced.

Sixth apparition on December 7, 1947

Our Lady appeared at the church, there were only three persons present including the Father Confessor of the seer. Our Lady, as “Rosa Mystica” wore a while cloak. This was held by a boy at the right-hand side and by a girl on the left-hand side. Both were dressed in white. Our Lady said “Tomorrow I shall show you my immaculate heart. In Bonate I tried to introduce this devotion into Christian families.” (Bonate where Our Lady appeared during the war is situated near Bergamo) “Here in Montichiari, I wish the devotion of the Rosa Mystica together with the veneration of my immaculate heart to be increased in the religious institutes and the monastic communities, in order that these souls dedicated to God may receive more graces from my motherly heart.” Our Lady then confided a secret to Pierina with the promise that She would tell her the time for the secret to be made public. Pierina asked “Who are the two children at your side?” Our Lady replied “Jacinta and Francisco, they will be your companions in all your afflictions. They too have suffered, though they were much younger than you. Look, this is how I would like you to be, Simple and good as these children used to be.” Our Lady extended her arms protectingly, looked up to Heaven and exclaimed “Sia benedetto il Signore!” which means “Praised be the Lord!” Then she disappeared.

Seventh Apparition on December 8, 1947

On this great feast some thousand of people gathered from everywhere to be present this day. It was only with a great deal of effort that Pierina was able to get into the Basilica. She knelt down on the spot where the other appearances had taken place. During the recitation of the Holy Rosary, Pierina called out “O, la Madonna!” Great silence ensued. Our Lady appeared on a big white staircase which was on both sides decorated with white, red and yellow roses. Our dear Lady smiled and said: “I am the Immaculate Conception” and with great majesty descending she said: “I am Mary, full of grace, Mother of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ” descending even more, She said “I come here to Montichiari because it is my wish to be appealed to and venerated as “Rosa Mystica”. I wish people to celebrate each year on December 8th at noon the Hour of Grace for the whole world. With this exercise one will receive numerous spiritual and bodily graces. Our Lord, my Divine Son Jesus, will be abundantly merciful so long as good mean go on praying for their fellow-men. As soon as possible let the supreme shepherd of the church, Pope Pius XII know: It is my wish that this Hour of Grace be publicized and spread through the whole world. If someone cannot go to church at this time he is to

  • pray at noon at home and he will receive graces from me. He who prays on these bricks and sheds tears of repentance will find a secure ladder to Heaven and get protection and graces from my motherly heart.”

With these words Our beautiful and radiant Lady showed Pierina her heart and burst into the following words: “Look at this heart which loves human beings so very much though most of them overwhelm it with abuses! When good people and bad people unite in prayer, they will receive mercy and peace from this heart. At present the Lord has been merciful to the good ones because of my intercession. This has delayed a great judgment of God. Very soon one will know how important this Hour of Grace is.”

When Pierina saw that Our Lady was going to depart, she said “Dear Lady, I thank you! Bless my homeland Italy and the whole world, but especially the Holy Father, the priests, the religious and the sinners.” Our Lady replied “I have an abundance of graces ready for all those children who hear my voice and take my wishes to heart.” Our Lady confided to Pierina a secret and promised to come again and tell her when the moment came for revealing it.

Miraculous healings happened during this apparition. By order of the Reverend Bishop of the diocese of Brescia, Monsignore Giacinto Tredici, Pierina spent several years in Brescia helping in a convent. In 1966 a new and second phase of the apparitions of Our Lady began again. In February, 1966 Pierina was praying in her room in front of the altar of Our Lady when she had the great joy of seeing Our Lady again. Our Lady gave her consolation, new courage and predicted that there would be a new apparition at Fontanelle on the following Sunday, the Sunday after Easter, the 17th of April, 1966. Fontanelle is a part of Montichiari, some kilometers away from the church.

First apparition on April 17, 1966

Pierina went up and down on the path above the well and prayed the Holy Rosary. About noon after Angelus Our Lady appeared to her and said: “My Divine Son is all love and He sent me here to bestow upon this well healing power. As a sign of penitence and purification kiss this top step!” A stone staircase leads from the path down to the well. “Go further downstairs, stay on your knees and kiss the step again!” Pierina was gliding backwards on her knees down the steps. Our Lady followed her and one could see her bare feet very well. For the third time Our Lady said: “Now kiss the steps again and put here a crucifix!” With her left hand Our Lady marked the place. “The sick people and all my children shall first ask my Divine Son to forgive them, then lovingly kiss this cross, and then they should draw water or drink.” Our Lady went near the well and said: “Take mud, dirt in your hands then wash with the water! This is to show that sin becomes mud and dirt in the hearts

  • of my children, but cleansed in the water of grace, souls become clean again and worthy of grace.” Our Lady bowed down and touched the water of the well at two places with her hands. Then she said: “All my children must know the desires of my Son Jesus as I told them in 1947, His desires and my messages given at that time in the church of Montichiari. I wish the sick and all my children to come to this miraculous well. Your mission is now here amidst the sick and all who need your help. I wish you further to tell the faithful they have first to go to the church and adore my Divine Son Jesus in the most holy sacrament of the altar. Afterwards they are to come here. First they are to give thanks to the Lord who is so benignant and merciful, and who gave so much love and grace to Montichiari.”

Second apparition on May 13, 1966 (anniversary of the first apparition of Fatima in 1917)

Our Lady said “I wish that the news of my coming here to the spring be spread everywhere.” Pierina answered “How can I do that if no one believes me and everyone hinders me?” Our Lady replied “Your mission is here as I told you before.” Pierina begged “Our dear Lady, if you don’t perform a miracle here, the ecclesiastical authorities will not believe me. I do ask you to perform a miracle.” Our Lady said “My Divine Son is all love. The world is approaching ruin. Once more I have obtained mercy for you; therefore He sent me again to Montichiari to bring you the graces of His love Prayer – Sacrifice – Penitence are necessary to save humanity.” Our Lady pointed to the spring which she had previously touched twice with her hands on April 17, 1966 and said “I wish a convenient basin to be built here to immerse the sick in the water the other part of the well is reserved for drinking.” Pierina answered “Yes, I will tell them.” Pierina asked “How shall we call this spring?” Our Lady answered “The Spring of Grace”. Pierina asked “What is your name?” Our Lady answered “Rosa Mystica”. With wide-spread arms and wide-spread mantle she said smiling “I have come to bring love, union and peace to my children. I beg you, don’t throw dirt on charity!” Pierina replied “Yes, thank you”. Pierina also asked Our Lady the meaning of the very wide and big mantle spread over the whole world. Our Lady answered “This signifies my motherly love which is spread over all humanity and all my children.” Pierina asked “What is to happen here in Fontanelle?” Our Lady replied “Works of charity for the sick who will come here.”

Third apparition on June 9, 1966

Our Lady came done with her feet on a ripening wheat field. Those present watched as she seemed to touch the ears of the wheat. Our Lady said “Today my Divine Son Jesus Christ has sent me here again, on Corpus Christi, the festival of union and love.” She spread her arms wide and said “How very much I wish that this wheat would become Eucharistic bread in many communions of expiation!” Majestically looking up to Heaven she went on “It is my wish that this wheat be baked into holy wafers and brought to Rome, and reach Fatima for the 13th of October.” Pierina asked “Do they have to offer the whole wheat?” Our Lady replied “I want good hearts to fulfill this desire I want a statue erected here facing the well and roofed over.” Pierina said “Yes, I shall tell them but I do not understand exactly what you mean.” Our Lady replied “I wish the statue to be brought here on the 13th of October in procession. But before that I wish the inhabitants of Montichiari to devote themselves to my Immaculate Heart. Montichiari is the place chosen for me by my Divine Son in which to bestow the graces of His Love.”

Fourth apparition on August 6, 1966

Our Lady said “My Divine Son Jesus has sent me here again to ask for a world union of Communions of expiation. And this must happen on the 13th of October. This day of Communion of expiation shall spread over the whole world and in this year 1966 it is to be held for the first time and then repeated every year. To those priests and believers who sponsor this practice I promise an abundance of my graces.” Pierina asked about the wheat and Our Lady answered “One may send part of this wheat to my beloved son Paul VI and tell him that this wheat comes from his homeland of Brescia, from Montichiari, and that it is blessed by our apparition. Tell him also what my Divine Son Jesus Christ wishes. Part of the wheat be sent to Fatima.” Pierina asked what to do with the other wheat. Our Lady answered “Let small loves be baked and distribute them on a certain day here at the well of Fontanelle as a remembrance of our apparition. And this is to be sign of gratitude from those who till the soil. After my assumption into Heaven I have always worked as mother and Mediatrix between my Divine Son Jesus Christ and humanity. How many graces have I granted in all these centuries how many benefits how many judgments have I held up how many dialogues I have had with souls. How often did I come to earth to bring my messages, but human beings go on offending the Lord! That is why I want the world union of expiatory communions. This will be an act of love, of gratitude of the children of God towards their Lord. I have chosen the little town of Montichiari because the simple and modest farmers they still have the same humility as the farmers and shepherds in Bethlehem. This place will be a place where there is much prayer and a place of rich blessings.”

  • By order of the Bishop, Pierina has not been allowed to go to Fontanelle since 1966. In obedience she acts according to this interdiction. But Our Lady is not bound by a human interdiction or to a special place. Pierina reports further apparitions.

October 12, 1968

Our Lady said “Tell all my children who have fulfilled my request to make expiator communion that I shall give them a superabundance of graces! And tell all who come to the well which I have blessed, to venerate me there. It is my desire that one prays here the holy rosary. I shall come there myself with the angels of Heaven to offer these prayers to the Lord. So shall many hearts be united in the same love there.Heaven and earth!

How many graces these children get! I see everything and I bless everything! ”

February 14, 1970

Our Lady said “Pierina, I come once more and ask for prayer and expiation. So many souls are in danger of being eternally lost. Sacrifices are needed to save them. In Montichiari I gave my whole love. Look, my love covers the whole world. You, little creature, were the channel through which I gave my love, and I give it again for souls. Giving love! Nothing is greater! The love of God and the love of the neighbor is a prayer that ascends to the Lord! With it we give ourselves and therefore everything! Suffer for love! Give in secret and speak by prayer!”

May 19, 1970

The apparition on this day has a special, far-reaching meaning. Our Lady appeared as usual in her white mantle, her heart adorned with the three roses – white, red and golden. Over the right arm she is wearing a big rosary which does not end in a cross, but in a medal. Our Lady spreads her arms and shows in the palms of her hands a round golden medal. With her right hand she shows the picture on the obverse side which has Our Lady with folded hands on a staircase, her head is inclined slightly to the left. Over her head three roses, roses also at her feet on the staircase. At the right side of the medal the inscription “Rosa” at the left side “Mystica”. In the palm of her left hand Our Lady then showed the reverse side: a round church with a dome and three big gates. Above the inscription “Maria Madre della Chiesa” that means “Mary, Mother of the Church”. Our Lady said “It is my wish that a medal be struck like the one which I am showing you. The Lord chose to send me here to Montichiari to bring the present of His love, to bring the spring of graces and to bring the present of this medal of my motherly love. Look, I have intervened to spread this medal, the present of universal love. My children will wear it on their hearts. Everywhere people will wear this medal, I promise my motherly protection and graces to all of them. Today the world wants to destroy the love and veneration that human beings always had for me. But the medal of my motherly love is the sign that my children will always have me with them, the Mother of the Lord! The Mother of humanity! Look, this is the triumph of universal love: The blessing of the Lord and my love will always be with those who resort to me!”

July 22, 1973

Our Lady said “The Lord has sent me to bring his love to humanity – his mercy. My motherly invitation so that my children may feel the beating of my heart. I desire my wishes to be fulfilled. Fontanelle will be transformed into a lighthouse of prayer – of penitence.” Pierina asked “What prayers and acts of penitence should be performed?” Our Lady answered “Prayers of faith – Prayers of love – Prayers of benediction – Prayers of petition.” “Pray the Holy Rosary!” She went on “Yes, also at this place I do desire penance to expiate the sins of men. In this intention one must go on foot from the bridge to Fontanelle and pray – pray! I do wish people to begin with this practice at once. Until now there have been only a few who have done so.” Pierina asked if one should go by oneself and Our Lady answered “Yes, but also in groups and processions, saying prayers of penitence.” Pierina asked “I have a big question to ask, Our Dear Lady, why did you reveal yourself under the name of Rosa Mystica? What meaning has this for the holy church?” Smilingly Our Lady replied “This is no new devotion, it is connected and begins with the moment when my Divine Son Jesus became a human being.” She paused and went on “The Fiat of redemption and the Fiat of my co-operation is symbolized in the most beautiful flower: Rosa Mistica. I am the Immaculate Conception – the Mother of our Lord Jesus – the Mother of Grace – the Mother of the mystical body, the Church. Therefore my Divine Son Jesus Christ sent me in 1947 to Montichiari where I touched with my feet the floor in the middle of the church amidst so many of my children. That should have revealed that I am Mary, the Mother of the mystical body, the church. That meant an invitation to all children of the church to prayer, penitence and expiation. Dark times of ungodliness were beginning. Love for the Lord and for his Mother was diminishing. But if people listen to this invitation, the graces of the Lord and His unending mercy towards the church will let the Rosa Mystica blossom again. Montichiari will become the mountain from which the mystical light will radiate to the whole world. Yes, that will happen.” Pierina asked “Our dear Lady, why don’t you perform a miracle so that the clerical authorities may believe me?” Our Lady replied “How many good deeds have I already done, how many graces have I

  • already distributed! Now and again! But the most obvious miracle will be the return to the true faith, to the true love of the Lord. Then will follow: the re-union in faith of the different churches and peace for the whole world.” Then Our Lady lifted her eyes and hands towards Heaven and said “I ask the Lord abundantly to bless all those of my children who work to make me loved and recognized and who work courageously to fulfill wishes. I promise them my motherly love and the graces of the Lord.”

The above history was taken from the Maria Rosa Mystica book from A.M. Weigl. This is a great book full of many messages from Our Blessed Mother as well as explanation of miraculous healings and church approvals that I could not possibly incorporate all on this webpage. I encourage you to purchase this book about Our dearly beloved Mother. If you join one of our trips to the Rosa Mystica House of Prayer, you can purchase this book there or by clicking below to 101 Foundation located in Washington, NJ. You can also stop by their little store if you are not far.