Facts About Fasting Brought To Light In Medjugorje By Our Lady


1. Fasting stops wars. 7/21/82

2. Fasting can suspend the laws of nature. 7/21/82

3. Fasting reduces punishments from God. 11/6/82 Fasting is an “arm,” a weapon of significant power to defeat, (of which atomic power does not compare. Atomic power has not the strength to conquer satan). 6/25/92

4. Bread and water is the best fast. 7/21/82

5. Fasting, to be powerful, must be done with the heart. 9/20/84

6. Through fasting, the whole plan of Our Lady, that God Himself planned for the world’s salvation during this special time, will be achieved. 9/26/85

7. By giving our fasting to Our Lady, it “forces” satan not to be able to seduce us to evil and drive him away. 9/4/86

8. Fasting purifies our hearts from the sins of our past. (Through confession, sins of the past are forgive but healing from life-long vice or memories which satan uses against us to lead us back into sin, requires purification). 12/4/86.

9. Fasting, coupled with prayer will obtain everything you ask for (the exception would be something illicit). 10/29/83

10. Fasting sanctifies you to receive the Holy Spirit. 11/4/83

11. Humility is a fruit from fasting, when coupled with prayer. 2/10/84

12. The present fasting in the Church is not adequate. Our Lady desires this to change. She said fasting has been forgotten in the last quarter of this century in the Catholic Church. May 1984

13. Fasting is one element which keeps satan from conquering us. Faith and prayer are the other two. 11/16/81

We, in turn, are to conquer satan. The arms to do so are fasting coupled with prayer. 6/25/92

14. Satan is enraged against those who fast and convert. 8/15/83

15. Fasting for the sick can cure them along with faith and prayer. 11/26/81

16. Fasting, along with prayer, was offered as a remedy by Our Lady to stop arguments among the Holy Priesthood. 1/21/82

17 Fasting will bring the Kingdom of God among us. 3/14/84

18. Fasting makes Our Lady happy. 8/5/84

19. Fasting will make prayer more vigorous. 1/25/84

20. Our Lady will make the maximum good come from our fast. She wants us to give our fast to Her in which She “disposes of them” according to the will of God. 9/4/82

21. Fasting, coupled with prayer, especially community prayer will protect you from satan’s aggression in destroying marriages, creating division among priests and will crush him in his plans for obsessions and murders in society today of which Our Lady says satan is responsible. Before 12/26/82

22. To obtain a grace from God it is best you let no one know you are fasting. 1/28/87

23. We are to fast out of gratitude. 9/20/84

24. Fasting is to be encouraged to others. 2/22/88

25. Our Lady tells us to fast to prepare for the coming of Jesus!! 11/25/96

26. Fasting, coupled with renunciation, strength and your prayer will then be powerful enough to overcome your own will and discover God’s wil 3/25/98

27. Fasting is one-third of a foundation that will renew fervor in you of which Our Lady exposes in order that She will transform you to make it possible for Jesus to fill you with His love so that you will find true peace. 10/25/98

28. Our Lady says you are “mine.” This is achieved, becoming “Hers,” by fasting and prayer as Her witnesses. 4/25/99

29. The whole world is affected by you individually fasting and is on the brink of being renewed. Fasting is specifically requested by Our Lady to be offered to Jesus for a new Pentecost, a new Springtime in the Church which will affect all of creation. 10/25/00

30. Fasting immunes one from the “fear” of evil. The one who fasts is not afraid of the future. Prayer and fasting stops wars of unbelief and fear. 1/25/01

31. When man’s heart is without peace, prayer and fasting will cause it to visit his heart and be renewed in peace. 6/25/00

32. Fasting strengthens prayer and, therefore, makes one not afraid of evil. In turn, fasting allows God to give you peace. 9/25/01

33. Peace is a precious gift from God in which, when you seek and fast for it, with prayer, you will receive the gift. 2/25/03

34. Our Lady tells us that through prayer and fasting we will draw closer to Her Son Jesus. 7/25/04

35 Fasting will enable you to see Jesus in each of your neighbors. Our Lady wants us to fast for this intention of Hers. 3/18/05

36. Novenas of fasting and renunciation will keep satan far from you and grace around you. 7/25/05

37. Fasting and prayer purifies our hearts to enable us to recognize and receive Jesus. 1/2/06

38. Our Lady calls us to interior renunciation which will enable us to recognize God’s love and the signs of the time in which we live. She tells us the way to do this through love, fasting, prayer, and good works. 3/18/06

39. Fasting helps you to open yourselves and to love. Only through the love of God is eternity gained. 10/2/06

40. Fasting is a weapon in which you fight those obstacles which keep you from coming closer to Jesus.1/2/07

41. The star that guides you through the spiritual life is fasting, coupled with prayer. 3/2/07

42. It is Our Lady’s desire that your heart be purified by fasting. 3/18/07

43. Through fasting and prayer, you will be stronger in faith. 3/25/07

44. Fasting and prayer purifies and gives you simple hearts. Our Lady says that only in the simplicity of your hearts is your salvation. 9/2/07

45. Our Lady tells us that God is the immeasurable good. She implores us to pray, fast, and hope that it is possible to attain that good, because love is born of that good. 11/2/07

46. The human heart will choose good or evil to grow in the heart. Fasting ensures good will fruit in it. 1/25/08

47. Our Lady reveals fasting will help one to become conscious and carry out God’s will. 10/25/08

48. Our Lady tells us fasting and prayers will clear the way for Jesus to enter your heart and free you from the sense of guilt and everything from the past that burdens you and all that brought you to error. 6/2/10

49. Our Lady tells us that fasting and prayer gives us the strength to live God’s love and be an example to those who do not know it. 3/2/11

50. Our Lady calls us to pray and fast for Her intentions, for it is a protection from satan wanting to destroy Her plans. 8/25/11

51. Our Lady asks us to pray and fast because it is only in this way we will know how to witness Her Son the right way through Her Motherly heart. 3/18/12

52. Our Lady calls us to renew fasting and prayer because satan is cunning and attracts many hearts to sin and perdition. 10/25/12

53. Our Lady tells us that through reconciliation, fasting and prayer, She will be able to lead us. 01/02/13

54. Our Lady calls us to prayer and fasting for our shepherds so that they can lead us in love. 02/02/13

55. Our Lady tells us that prayer and fasting strenghens us so that we can live as the Heavenly Father would desire; we may be Her apostles of faith and love; our lives may bless those whom we meet; and that we may be one with the Heavenly Father and Her Son.05/02/13

56. Prayer and fasting is the way to your purification; to the way of coming to know and becoming cognizant of the Heavenly Father so that you will comprehend that He is all you need. 06/02/13

57. Our Lady tells us that through prayer and fasting, apostles of God’s love will be born to spread the love of God to all Her children, to spread the love of the trust in the Heavenly Father and who will keep opening the gates of Heaven. 07/02/13