Marian Prayers for every day of the week by St. Alphonsus Marie de’ Liguori



Behold, O Mother of God, at thy feet a wretched sinner who has recourse to thee and trusts in thee. I do not deserve that thou shouldst even look upon me; but I know that thou, seeing thy Son dead to save sinners, hast a great desire to assist them. O Mother of mercy, behold my miseries and have pity on me. I hear all men call thee the refuge of sinners, the hope of the hopeless, the help of that which is lost. Thou art, then, my refuge, my hope and my help. Thou must save me by thine intercession; aid me for the love of Jesus Christ; give thy hand to a fallen wretch who commends himself to thee. I know that thou art consoled in helping a sinner, when thou canst; wherefore help me now, for thou canst help me. By my sins I have lost the grace of God and my soul; but I put myself in thy hands; tell me what I must do to return to the grace of God, for I wish to do so at once. He sends me to thee, that thou mayest assist me; He wills that I should have recourse to thy mercy, in order that I may be helped to salvation not only by the merits of thy Son, but also by thy prayers. To thee, therefore, do I have recourse. Do thou pray to Jesus for me. Make known the good which thou canst do for him who puts his trust in thee. This is my firm hope. Amen. Hail Mary three times in reparation for blasphemies against the Blessed Virgin Mary.


O Queen of Heaven, most holy Mary, once I was the slave of Satan, but now I dedicate myself to be thy servant forever; I offer myself to thy perpetual honor and service. Accept me, then, as thy servant; ah, do not cast me out as I deserve. In thee, my Mother, have I set all my hope. I praise and thank almighty God, Who in His mercy gives me this confidence in thee. True it is, in the past I have fallen miserably into sin; but I hope that I have already obtained pardon for them through the merits of Jesus Christ and through thine intercession. But this is not enough, dear Mother; one thought distresses me, and that is that I may turn back and lose the grace of God; the dangers are ever present, mine enemies sleep not, fresh temptations will assail me. Ah, protect me then, my Lady! Defend me against the assaults of Hell and permit not that I should begin again to commit sin and offend Jesus, thy Divine Son. No, may it never come to pass that I should begin again to suffer the loss of my soul, of Paradise and of God. This is the grace that I ask of thee, O Mary, this is my one desire, this do thou obtain for me by thine intercession. This is my firm hope. Amen. Hail Mary three times, as before.


Most holy Mary, Mother of goodness and mercy, when I consider my sins and think of the moment of death, I am filled with trembling and confusion. O sweetest Mother, in the Blood of Jesus Christ and in thy intercession are all my hopes. O Comforter of the afflicted, do not abandon me at that hour forget not to console me in that great affliction. If at present I am so tormented with remorse at the sight of my sins, the uncertainty of forgiveness, the danger of falling again and the rigor of God’s justice, what will become of me at that dread hour? Ah my Lady, before death shall come, do thou obtain for me true sorrow for my sins, sincere amendment and fidelity to God for the rest of my life. And when at length I come to the hour of death, O Mary, my only hope, do thou assist me in the dire torments in which I shall then find myself; strengthen me so that I may not despair at the sight of my sins which the devil himself will set before me. Obtain for me the grace to call upon thee more frequently so that I may breathe forth my spirit with thy sweet name on my lip and the Name of thy dear Son. Thou hast imparted this grace to so many of thy devoted children; it is the grace that I desire and hope for myself. Amen. Hail Mary three times, as before.


O Mother of God, Mary most holy, how often have I merited Hell by my sins! Even now the sentence might have been executed, perhaps on the occasion of my first sin, hadst thou not, in thy loving pity, restrained the hand of God’s justice; and then, overcoming my hardness of heart, thou didst gently draw me to put my trust in thee. Alas, into how many more sins I might have fallen, by reason of the dangers which encompass me, hadst thou not, O dearest Mother, preserved me from them by the graces thou didst obtain for me. Ah, my Queen, what will thy mercy and the many favors thou hast done for me avail me, if I become the cause of my own condemnation? If once upon a time I did not love thee, now at last I do love thee, after God, above all things. Ah, permit not that I should turn my back upon thee and upon Almighty God Who has granted me so many merciful favors through thine intercession. Wilt thou suffer one of thy servants, who loves thee, to be damned? O Mary, what sayest thou? Am I to bring about my own damnation? I shall do so, indeed, if I ever forsake thee. But who, henceforth, will have the heart to forsake thee? Who can forget the love which thou hast borne toward me? No, he is not lost who commends himself faithfully to thee and has recourse to thee. Ah, my dearest Mother, abandon me not to my own devices, for then I shall surely lose my soul; grant that I may always run to thy protection. Save me, for thou art my hope, save me from Hell, but first from sin which alone can bring me down to the gates of Hell. Amen. Hail Mary three times, as before.


O Queen of Heaven, thou who sittest enthroned above all the choirs of Angels, nearest to God Himself, from this vale of tears I, a wretched sinner, salute thee and implore thee to turn thine eyes of mercy toward me. See, O Mary, the great dangers which encompass me now and in the future, so long as I shall live upon the earth, the danger of losing my soul, Heaven and God. In thee, dear Lady, do I put all my trust. I love thee and I would fain come quickly to see thee and praise thee in Paradise. O Mary, when will that day come when I shall find myself in safety at thy feet? When shall I kiss that hand of thine, which has poured so many graces upon me? It is true, dearest Mother, that I have been many times ungrateful to thee during my life; but when I shall come safe home to Heaven, there will I love thee every moment throughout eternity; and I will atone for my lack of gratitude by praising and thanking thee for ever. I give thanks to Almighty God Who gives me such confidence in the Blood of Jesus Christ and in thy mighty intercession. Thy truly devoted servants have

ever placed such confidence in thee and none has ever been confounded. Let me never be confounded, no, not even me. O Mary, pray to Jesus thy Son, even as I also am praying, to strengthen and evermore confirm these hopes of mine through the merits of His Passion. Amen. Hail Mary three times, as before.


O Mary, thou art the noblest, the most exalted, the purest, the fairest, the holiest of all things created! O that all men knew thee, dearest Lady, and loved thee as thou deservest! But I am consoled by the thought that so many Holy Souls in Heaven and so many just men upon the earth live enthralled by thy goodness and beauty. Above all else I rejoice that God Himself loves thee alone more than all men and Angels. O my Queen, most worthy of love, I too love thee, miserable sinner that I am, but I love thee far too little; I desire a greater and more tender love of thee, and this thou must obtain for me; for love of thee is a great sign of predestination, and a grace granted by God to those who shall be saved. Therefore, dear Mother, I see that I am under exceeding-obligation to thy Divine Son; I see that He is deserving of infinite love. Thou hast no other desire but to see Him loved by men; do thou obtain for me the grace of an ardent love of Jesus Christ. Ah, obtain this grace for me, thou who dost obtain from God whatsoever thou desirest. I do not seek the things of earth, not honors, not riches; I seek only that which thy heart seeks most of all, to love God and Him alone. Can it be that thou art unwilling to assist me in this my desire which is so dear to Thee? Nay, thou art already giving me thy help; even now thou art praying for me. Pray, O Mary, pray and never cease to pray until thou shalt see me safe in Paradise, where I shall be sure of possessing and loving my God together with thee, my dearest Mother, for ever and ever. Amen. Hail Mary three times, as before.


O my most holy Mother, I behold the graces which thou hast obtained for me, and the ingratitude which I have shown toward thee. The thankless soul is no longer worthy of blessings; but not even on this account will I lose confidence in thy mercy. O my mighty Advocate, have pity on me. Thou art the dispenser of all the graces that God grants to the miserable children of men, and to this end has He made thee so mighty, so rich and so kind, that thou mightest succor us in our need. I wish to be saved; in thy hands, therefore, I place my eternal salvation; to thee I commend my spirit. I wish to be inscribed among thy most special servants; drive me not away. Thou goest about seeking the wretched to comfort them: do not abandon a poor sinner who flies to thy protection. Speak thou for me; thy Son will do whatsoever thou shalt ask Him. Take me under thy protection, and this is enough for me; for if thou shield me, I shall fear nothing: not my sins, for I hope that thou wilt obtain their remission from Almighty God; not the evil spirits, for thou art mightier than the powers of Hell; not even Jesus as my Judge, for one prayer of thine will turn away His anger. Do thou, therefore, protect me, dear Mother, and obtain for me the remission of all my sins, the love of Jesus, final perseverance, a happy death, and Paradise at last. True it is, I do not deserve these graces, but if thou dost ask them for me from our Lord, I shall receive them. O Mary, my Queen, pray to Jesus for me; in thee do I put my trust; in this hope will I live and take my rest; and with this hope I wish to die. Amen

Hail Mary three times, as before.