I am not crazy. I have not gone out of my senses. Prolonged lockdown has not made me mad. After a few weeks of forced stay at home I can hear little whispers from here and there. It is the sound of those appreciating COVID19 which brought in the lockdown. It may seem strange to you, I agree. But I can assure you that there are huge benefits coming out of COVID19. I am not referring to the so called environmental benefits of forced lockdown, which some vested interests might want to highlight. I am referring to an unexpected benefit of this pandemic.

We are lamenting about the pandemic which has already taken a heavy toll. Death from COVID19 has crossed two hundred thousand. The entire world, especially the continents of Europe and North America, is staring at a bleak future where even a little reduction in the daily death figures is enough good news in an otherwise gloomy scene.

Yet, I assure you that I do hear feeble voices hailing the invisible coronavirus. It is the voices of the little unborn babies who were spared from near certain murder in the wombs of their mothers. Yes, I am telling about the thousands of abortions that did not take place due to medical emergecies related to COVID19. Abortion is not an essential health service and many states have issued instructions to postpone abortion unless it is absolutely necessary to save the life of the woman.

It means, thousands of women who were planning to visit the abortion mills to get rid of that unwanted lump of flesh from their wombs had no choice other than waiting for COVID19 to abate. As we know, it is not going to happen in a week or two. For a woman bent on killing her child, every day counts, because many states have stipulated an upper ceiling of gestational age to permit abortion. Those who are at the brink may miss the bus altogether. In other words they are going to see, in a few days, the cute faces of their babies whom they were planning to kill.

The other day I had a talk with a friend of mine in Florida. She has been active in pro-life movements for the past many years. Her first comment was; ” Thank God, because of COVID19, thousands of babies will now see the light of the day. But for this pandemic, they would have been butchered by now”.

Tell me. Why shouldn’t we hail the lockdown? Let us unite our loud cheers with the little feeble voices of innocent unborns.
They are the angels sent by God to bring love and hope to a world where these things are in short supply.

Hail lockdown, because we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose ( Romans 8:28). When others think of the horror and terror of the fast spreading disease, we are looking forward to our Lord transforming it into an opportunity for bringing a greater good from it. Relax! Our God is is command.