Do This In Remembrance Of Me


‘ In our day we have no ruler, or  prophet, or leader, no burnt offering, or sacrifice, or oblation, or incense, no place to make an offering before you and to find mercy’ ( Dan 3:38).

Yet,  from whichever  place we are, we shall bend our knees before Jesus Christ . Jesus gave us  his body  that was   pierced for us   and his blood that was shed  for  our sins  by instituting the Blessed Sacrament so  that we may  get  nourished by the   bread of life and the chalice of salvation in Holy Communion. But many of us  are not able to  receive this great  gift in Holy Communion though they long for it. We should bring all  of them to the  presence of  our Lord in our prayers.

When we had  rulers, prophets, leaders and  burnt offerings, we  never realized their value. When we had our  churches to celebrate Holy Mass and His tabernacle to find mercy,  we never thought of a day  when  its doors would be  closed. We need to pray in reparation for it also.

Two thousand years have passed  since   the Son of Man instructed us  to  do this in  remembrance of him. We  have been living in that perennial remembrance  all these  times.  But something parallel also was  happening  throughout.  It was the incessant attack of  the enemy to take away the memories of  Christ’s sacrifice from our  collective conscience. It may appear that he has won for the time being. He might be able to  close the  doors of  churches and to  stop Holy Masses. But remember  one thing. Final victory is our Lord’s and our Lord’s alone.

Continual prayer is the only  antidote to   an incessant  attack from our enemy.  This is the time to  raise our  hands  to  heaven  for reopening to churches and for restarting  the  daily  offerings. But before that we should introspect. Why did all these happen?  The prayer  given at the beginning  is of three young men  who did such an introspection  centuries ago.  This introspection led them to  understand  what went  wrong with them.

‘ For we have  sinned and broken your law in turning away from you; in all matters we have sinned grievously, We have not obeyed  your commandments, we  have not kept them or done what you have  commanded us for our own good. So all that you have  brought upon us,  and all that you have  done to us, you have done by a true judgement, You have handed us over  to our enemies, lawless and hateful rebels, and to an unjust  king, the most wicked  in al the world’

( Dan.3:29-32)

It was a prayer   done by three saints, Hananiah, Azariah, and Mishael  confessing the sins of their people who, in their iniquities, strayed away from God.  As we know, these three young saints  escaped unscathed from the  furnace. Equally important is that   Nebuchadnezzar, whom they described as an unjust and  most wicked king, ended up praising the True God.

Remember, it was  the prayer of  a few   saints on behalf of their own people who  were  sinners. Even today, there are saints  praying for us, sinners. They live among us, but often we do not  recognise them.  May our prayers, the supplications of an unworthy  people, also rise to heaven alongwith  their prayers. Our Lord will  open the  doors of  those places where  to offer our sacrifices and  find His mercy.

Jesus Christ, who after the  last  supper, entered his passion  and  endured  the unparalleled agony  of    crucifixion and who finally  came out victorious from the  tomb to   ascend into  heaven said; “   Whoever eats of this bread will live forever; and the  bread that I will give  for the life of the world is my flesh” (Jn 6:51).

Receiving this bread spiritually , let us praise him. Let us adore Jesus, our  Lord and our God who in Holy Communion became  the food of our souls.




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