Voice of the Holy Spirit


My child, Listen to the voice of the Spirit. I constantly speak to you through my Holy Spirit, so I want you to pay serious attention.

It is because of occupying the mind with earthly things that many cannot hear more clearly the voice of the Spirit even though it always talks and talks and does not stop talking, it is the voice of my Holy Spirit that comes to its temples to claim its territory.

It is unfortunate that the carnal man, just listens to the voice of his passions and the calls of the flesh, his mind is full of earthly junk that does not allow room to the voice of my Spirit. When I speak to him, he thinks that I do not speak to him; he thinks that it is just a thought that goes against his will and then ignores my voice.

This is the struggle of the Spirit of God with the spirit of man. Every human being has received a spirit that allows him to rise to divine things through prayer and the Grace of the Sacraments, but when this spirit is contaminated with the dust of the earth, then there is no clarity to perceive the calls of my Holy Spirit to lead him to the light. Man despises the invisible things because he does not want to understand, yet it is so obvious that the good things, the virtues and gifts of Grace are manifested in the person who chooses to incline to spiritual things, and although not being seen, they are felt and thus lead to perfection on the spiritual path. On the contrary, the carnal man deals with his passions, earthly attachments, the calls of his senses and everything that leads to his downfall, and in this way he does not live by the Holy Spirit but by his worldly spirit that is only darkness.

To get a better inclination to the spiritual life, man must think more about the invisible things such as contemplation, which is the perfection of prayer, virtues, that are the result of the effort of the will, and Grace, which is the reward for those who hear the Voice of God.

I am invisible. I manifest in an invisible way because I am Spirit and remain immutable in accordance with my nature, He who seeks me must worship in spirit and in truth, that is, must rise beyond his mind and act in the spirit, longing to enter into my Spirit.

I am from heaven, not of the earth, this is why I want man to think more on heavenly things, to start leaving what is earthly and to have more esteem for me and to love me above all things.

I am eternal. Man only lasts a brief moment in comparison with eternity. It is necessary that he meditate more about eternity so he will leave his dark ways to think more about the divine light. He will leave his earthly attachments to crave only for heavenly goods, he will stop thinking so much about time, places and events related to time, he will disconnect from time to be able to enter into eternity.

There is no need to wait until death to reach these three spiritual points of such importance to the soul. Man must think more about the invisible, the celestial and the eternal, this way he will be ready to enter through the door of eternity with his head high, having purified his life through my commandments.

For he who is in the flesh and does not live by the Holy Spirit, an immediate conversion is necessary. I try countless ways to make the sinner come to reason, but as he has hardened his heart, I receive only rejection, contempt and indifference.

If the sinner does not repent and converts, he will face the punishments that I have decreed in my Word. It is necessary that all spiritual people pray for the conversion of sinners, otherwise many souls will be lost, because time will soon cease to exist giving way to eternity. My mercy is always available before death, but after death, they will find me only in the Divine Justice.