Sighing for the Holy Spirit


O great Comforter, Holy Spirit, come to me. My soul yearns for you! My heart thirsts for you! you alone can satisfy my longing you alone can make me happy. Do not reject, o Divine Bridegroom, the dwelling of my poor heart.

Behold My heart is not pure, but you can purify it.

My heart is filled with darkness, but you can illuminate it with your heavenly light.

My heart is filled with wickedness, but you can penetrate it with your divine love.

My heart is sad, but you can comfort it.

My heart is weak, but you can make it strong.

My heart is cold, but you can inflame it.

My heart clings to earthly things, but you can fill it with heavenly desires.

My heart is full of inequities, but you can adorn it with all virtues.

My heart is fickle and wayward, but you can make it docile.

Come dear, O Holy Spirit, you who is the Father of the poor, come and fill me with your love. Amen.

Father, Father, send us the promised Paraclete, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.



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