Suppose you happen to hear somebody saying; “Men have prepared the virus of death and my poor children will experience great sufferings. There will be no barriers to contain its advance”, what would be your immediate response? I am asking this question in the present context of coronavirus spreading like wildfire. I am not going deep into the question of where the virus originated from. Whatever be the true reason behind the outbreak of the pandemic, one thing is sure. That the spread of virus was a manmade disaster. Geograrphical barriers cannot stop its spread.

After seeing the relentless advance of COVID-19, most of you will agree that the initial statement was surely a warning message from heaven. What you guessed is correct. It was a warning from heaven about the outbreak of a deadly disease in the world. But I need to add something more. The message was given to a man in Brazil by Our Lady Queen of Peace 15 years ago. To be precise, it was message number 2594 given by Mother Mary to Pedro Regis of Brazil on 25th Octobr 2005! Perhaps some among us has read about it somewhere, sometime earlier but forgot it over time.

When we see the doors of churches shut all over the world and priests finding it difficult to offer Holy Mass and the faithful lamenting about not getting the Blessed Sacrament, we may wonder how unexpectedly these things happened. It was not in our wildest dreams that we would not be allowed to enter our parish church and attend Holy Mass. But it happened. When we were sitting complacent, thinking that everything was going well, it fell like a bolt from the blue. There was no warning, it was so unexpected, you may think. Now read the following:

“An order will be given and the doors will be shut.Those who are consecrated will not be permitted to fulfill their duties and the faithful will weep and lament”. It is not from the news papers of the past week. It was a message given to Pedro Regis (message no 2990) on 29/04/2008!

When COVID-19 spread from one nation to another, remember this mesage of our Mother. “Now is the time of the great tribulations. An epidemic will spread to various nations and my poor children will experience a heavy cross” (message no 2626 dated 01 10 2006).

When we see Italy struggling with COVID-19 and the death toll crossing 16000 remember Our Lady’s message no 3807 of 16th April 2013; “Death will pass through Italia and my poor children will carry a heavy cross. Similar events will occur in Lima”.

When I skimmed through the messages for preparing this article, one thing that caught my attention was that certain messages were repeated multiple times. They were messages about the importance of sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Confession. Every message was a call for holding on to sacraments so as to get the strength to tide over the period of trials. And the second most repeated messages were related to the impending time of trials. Our Lady has been giving us warnings for the past many years.

The third most repeated messages are about the need to be faithful to the true magisterium of the Church. Our Lady has warned that efforts are on to change the teachings of the Chuch with an ulterior motive. Everything will be done in the guise of good intentions. Beware, we should not fall prey to such gimmicks.

One thing special about the messages given to Pedro Regis by Our Lady of Peace at Anguera was that specific places were mentioned on many occasions. For example; difficult times for Kenya (2594), Great suffering from Karachi(2602), Columbia stumbling and drinking the cup of pain (2602), Kosovo to be in ruins(2605), Naples living the anguish of a prisoner(2614), Cyprus going into suffering( 2617), Malta shedding tears for its children(2617), Rome losing glory and fame(2622), throne of Peter to fall(2622), screams of help from Bethlehem(4829), messages about Bologna in Italy(4871) etc. Believe me, I have picked around a hundred messages only at random from a total of more than 4800. If I could catch the names of the above places when I rushed through these hundred odd messages, imagine how elaborate are the messages Our Lady gives us.

Details about Pedro Regis and the messages he received from Our Lady are available in https://www.apelosurgentes.com.br/en-us/ While going through the messages, what struck me most was the similarity or rather repeatation of the messages Our Lady gave to humankind in Lasalettte ( 1846), Lourdes (1858), Fathima(1917), Amsterdam (1945), Monte Chiari ( 1947), Garabandhal ( 1961), Akitha ( 1973) and Medgugorje(1981) with those given to Pedro Regis.

Our Lady is the Virgin of the Revelation. She opens the secrets of prophecies for her children. This is to enable them to wage relentless war against the devil and his minions in the end times. That is exactly the reason why the devil is so angry with us. ‘Then the dragon was angry with the woman, and went off to make war on the rest of her children, those who keep the commandments of God and hold the testimony of Jesus’ ( Rev. 12;17).

Satan -that ancient dragon- knows what is going to happen in the immediate future. He also knows that Mary’s children have got the gift of discernment from the Holy Spirit. It is difficult for him to ensnare them like other gullible and credulous men and women. That is why we need our Mother’s help now. She will reveal the inner meanings of every signs of the times so that her children are not caught unawares.