We are familiar with the  story of two soldiers who  were intimate friends.  When the  news came to their camp  that one of them was wounded seriously and lying in the battle field, his  friend sought the permission of their commander  to  bring the wounded colleague back  from the field. But the  commander   knew that it is a risk not worth taking as the soldier would be dead by then. He was  not  in favor  of sending his boy on the risky mission of  bringing the body of  a dead soldier from the  battle ground, that was by then under the total control of  enemies. But he was aware of the close  friendship these two soldiers shared and so in spite of his reservations,  allowed the soldier to go in search of  his friend. After a few hours he returned with the motionless body of his friend.

Seeing them, the commander said, ‘I told you it was  of no worth. He is dead’. To this  the soldier replied; ‘ No Sir, it was really worth. He breathed his last  in my hands and his last  words were, ‘I knew you would come’.

The story ends here. We read it with  moist  eyes and appreciate the true love that compelled this  soldier to go in search of his   wounded friend braving all risks. We  highlight this story as an  example  of true friendship. Then we simply forget it and go our business as usual.

Do we ever  think of  a wounded man waiting for  his friends to visit him? His battle was for us and  he is still suffering.   Every  time we approach the Eucharistic Lord, he whispers,  ‘I knew you would come’. When he uttered the words, ‘I thirst’, he was  telling us  of the thirst for  souls that would continue till the moment of his second coming. Those who are friends with Jesus hasten to meet him every morning.  Jesus knows that nothing would  prevent them from visiting him if their  friendship with him is  strong. Every time we cross the portals of a church, he appreciates  our  efforts in reaching there braving all  odds, be it an inclement weather, or  a doubting family.

Obstacles are no reason to  prevent the flow of  love, if it is towards a true friend. And the epitome of love is found in giving up  one’s life for his friend. Jesus did it for us, for we are his friends.  So Jesus has every right to  tell us that ‘there  is no greater love than this, to lay  down one’s life  for one’s friends’ (Jn 15:13). To dispel  any doubts as to his relation with us, Jesus added,  ‘I do not call you servants any longer……. But I have called you friends’ (Jn 15:15).

Our friend Jesus has proved his love towards us. Now it is our turn to  prove that we too love  him.  Let us rush to our Lord  every morning who is wounded in the battle to win our souls. Every time we visit Jesus, tune our hearts to hear the   loving whisper of Jesus. “ I knew you would come’



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