Prayer for Refuge in the Sacred Side of Jesus Christ


“My children, this era is that of darkness. The prince of darkness is ruling the earth. All who belong to the light will suffer great attacks from the enemy . . . this hour is exactly the mirror of the hour of the day I was crucified . . . My children, these evil days will swallow many souls. That is why I teach this mysterious prayer to you in order that you all might be saved. My Sacred Side is open for all men. Pray it and make it known to all men. All who teach this prayer to others will be protected. I love you all. Run for your lives.”

O loving Father, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Who protected the Israelites of old in His holy wings in the dryness of the cold and hot desert; I offer You the holy death of my Master and Savior, Jesus Christ, for the protection of Your people who are scattered all over the world. May the Blood and water wash and strengthen, save and cleanse us that we might find home in the Sacred Side of Your Son which opens for all men. Amen. Sacred Side of Jesus Christ – be our home for safety. Amen.