“Therefore come out from  them and  be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch nothing unclean; then I will welcome you, and I will be  your father, and you shall be my  sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty”   (2 Cor 6:17-18).

This  is a kind of filtering process before  God accepts  us as his  sons and daughters. Coming out from what is  worldly, getting separated from them, and  touching nothing unclean; these are the conditions  that make us entitled to the  exalted   status of the children of God.

But it is  a difficult task, we should admit. Every moment we experience an  inner conflict between what is divine and what is mundane. God calls us to the divine realm, while our environment tempts us to choose the   vanities of this world.  The biggest weapon the  ‘rulers of this world’ (Jn 14:30) employ to  subjugate us to  his will is the media.  He serves everything profane, obscene and impure through different media outlets, be it in   print or electronic.  Newspapers that we  blindly believed in the past  have now become the mouthpiece of  an atheistic, anti-Christian philosophy that is sweeping the globe  like   a flood. This is no coincidence. We are warned sufficiently in advance to run away from the  media that openly supports and promotes everything impure.

Half a century back, to be precise on  8 July  1973, the Blessed Virgin told  Fr Stefano Gobbi: ‘Look at neither the newspapers nor television; remain ever close to my Heart in prayer. Nothing else  should be of interest  or importance to you save living with Me, and for Me’ (Message No 2  from ‘To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons).  For a moment, we might  wonder why  our Mother has  told us  to  totally  shun the media. For many of us, it is our belief that keeping a safe distance from  the  media will  protect us  from the  evils of this world.  But it is not so. Irrespective of the  doze, what they serve is poison and there is nothing like a good poison!

It may seem strange when  we read that  the Blessed Virgin was  so particular about her children totally avoiding   the newspapers and   television, that too  at a time when we were happy with the ‘progressive’ outlook of our  media. But after half a century and witnessing  the  huge influence that the media has in society, today we realize that  it was a true message coming from heaven. If, as Paul reminds us, we want to come out from them, the first thing to do is to  come out of the  addiction to newspapers and television that make us believe that  truth is falsity and  evil is good. The global elite  achieve this  diabolic  goal by  bringing under their control all major  media houses. You can  check the status of  media houses in your country and verify yourself.

God wants  us to be  separate from them. We are  not  supposed to  listen to what they say; our  ears should always be tuned to our Lord and God. It is when  this communication channel with God is broken that we  run to  the world. The difference is that  listening to  God will bring us  wisdom, whereas listening to the world will  add to our knowledge, and as we know, knowledge will not take us  to our   desired destination.  

Again  our Lord  does not  want  us to  touch anything unclean. Nowadays it is  hard to find anything  good and spiritually benefitting in newspapers and  television. Even  good things are  presented in  an unclean way so as to  convince the  readers that  absolute goodness is but a mirage. They  compel us, often indirectly, to touch what is  unclean with the ulterior motive of  separating us from  the  Creator. On the  other hand, God wants us to  separate ourselves from  such people and such an environment.

It is a difficult thing to  be  away from  the world even while  living in the world. It is more  difficult to keep our hands clean, in a world that is immersed in impurity. But we have to practice it. Because we want to be counted among the children of  God, when the  final separation between sheep and goats takes place.

Let us take a firm decision to  run away from the  flood of impurity  that is  let loose and promoted by  the media. Let us pray  for the   Lord to ‘deliver us from all evil.’



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